History - Philharmonic Choir


corul-fsoThe professional stable choir of Philharmony was founded at the initiative of Romeo Rîmbu (then director). This was encouraged by the existence of the Department of Music within the University of Oradea, which provided a rich supply of the well-trained and highly-qualified choristers. The choir is the youngest component of the Philharmony. Since its foundation it developed qualitatively thanks to Avram Geoldeș's professional work. Its repertoire enriched progressively and nowadays embraces the preclassical, classical, romantic, modern and the contemporary musical classics. For the Philharmony, running a stable choir was a big advantage because unlimited possibilities opened for the repertoire of vocal-symphony. In parallel with vocal symphony, the choir gave rise to the a cappella repertoire too. They collaborated with the National Theater and played an active role in opera and operetta performances. The last two decades has brought dynamic development and professional success for the 36-member choir whose present chorus master is Zsolt Lászlóffy.
With his high professional achievements, Zsolt Lászlóffy continues the leadership of choir and improves its repertoire which embraces not only the vocal – symphony but the a cappella classics too.
Zsolt Lászlóffy graduated at "Gh. Dima" Music Academy composer (1996), and conductor (2000) department. He took part in many master courses in Austria (Wiener Musikseminar), Germany (Stockhausen-Kurse), France, Italy and Hungary.
Since 2003 he led the “Meet the Orchestra“ educational concerts and from 2006 he is the conductor of the Philharmony’s choir.